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McQueen Cemetery
Cold Springs Road, Johnson County, Tennessee

Index of Surnames Included

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Located on Cold Springs Road behind the Calvary Baptist Church Recreational Building, in Johnson County, Tennessee. The cemetery is closest to Liberty Church Road.
See the views below.

Pictures Taken

These pictures were taken at McQueen Cemetery in Cold Springs Road, Johnson County, Tennessee on 1 April 2006 by Basil McVey and he is the owner of all images unless otherwise noted.

Sources of Names Listed

The listing that follows is derived from the readings by and photographs taken by Basil L. McVey on 1 April 2006. We have used a listing by location in the cemetery. These are all the identifiable markers as of April 1, 2006.

Information in brackets [sample] was added by Basil McVey unless indicated otherwise.

Views of McQueen Cemetery

The views are noted with the approximate location in the cemetery.

McQueen Cemetery Marker Photos

Email from Mary Floy Katzman dated Sun, 17 Aug 1997 20:42:01

Did you hear about the cemetery where your Thomas McQueen is buried? If you did, you'll hear it again. Its easy to get to now. Its on a little hill behind a Funeral Home and the Seventh Day Adventist Church not far from the Hospital. Anyway, a few years ago a member of the church died and the family had very little money. Everyone knew the cemetery was there, but it had become an overgrown tangle of brush, bushes, groundhogs and I imagine snakes. The Elder of the church asked for and got help from the Funeral Home with expenses, but a place to bury this poor soul was another matter. Tom Gentry was approached and was asked if thought it would be alright if he was buried there with the understanding the church would help with the care of the cemetery after. In other words use that cemetery for other burials if needed. Tom said fine and he thought he could get a squad of trustees from the NE Correctional Facility in Mountain City to help.

They came, guards, dogs and all. The first thing to be done was set the place on fire to chase away the critters and clear it enough so they could get through and cut what was left and cart it away. What was found was something. The oldest stone there, but barely legible is that of your Thomas McQueen and I think Barbara. There are many, many field stone markers just sticking out of the ground...no names, just markers where there is a grave. Must be at least a hundred of them. Tom Gentry says old Samuel and Hannah Dugger McQueen settled near this area and he's sure they're buried there as well as the old Wills and other early settlers. Since Samuel McQueen died in 1794, this cemetery predates statehood and has to be one of the oldest cemeteries in the state. I may have a picture or two and if I can find them I'll scan and send them to you. If I forget, please remind me. Someday, I'll have to get about 10 photo albums and get the pictures in some semblance of order. Oh, Tom says the cemetery needs to be burned again and he would really like to have Thomas' stone restored. He just found a couple of old broken stones in a blackberry bramble and they were restored to like new.


1. Photos taken, readings and genealogical research by Basil L. McVey.
2. Upon A Lonely Hill The Cemeteries of Johnson County, Tennessee by Jeffrey L. Carrier
3. Members of the JCTCuzins list at groups.yahoo.com

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