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Census of 1850, Heads of Households,
with their spouces, if known


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1850 Johnson County TN Census Abstract

Recently, I transcribed the census records for Johnson County Tn. The Original Johnson
County on-line genealogy hostess, Mary Floy Katzman, noticed the wonderful work
being done with the Davie Co., NC 1850 census, where they are trying to identify the
wives, give their maiden names and marriage dates. This is a wonderful resource! So,
I have tried to do something similar for us. I have taken the heads of households for
1850, and the lady of the house, and tried to find (from numerous sources) her maiden
name, and when and where they wed. There are some I could not find, and I hope that
you can help fill in these blanks. There could also be mistakes, where I have the wrong
name for a wife, so any corrections are welcome too!
The data in black text is straight from the census records, as best I could read. I did not
for correct spelling, and so you may find that your ancester is not listed the way you
spell that name, but rather the way the census taker spelled it, that day. The text in red
is NOT from the census records, but rather my best try at identifying the women, and
marriage data. The data is indexed alphabetically, and also listed in order of visitation,
divided by districts and pages.


District One,
Page One

2 Hall, William 42 and Elizabeth 35 Elizabeth Arnold 3-20-1838 Johnson Co., TN

this is family #2,Surname HALL, his age is 42, her age is 35, her maiden name, marriage date, where married.

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