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Sink Valley Cemetery 
Butler, Tennessee

Index of Surnames Included

You may click on one of the surnames below to go to the first image with that surname. Click here to go to the first grave marker image or here to see views of the cemetery or views from inside the cemetery.



Located in Butler, Johnson County, Tennessee.
See the views below.

Pictures Taken

These pictures were taken at Sink Valley Cemetery in Butler, Johnson County, Tennessee in September 2016 by John B. Rochelle and he is the owner of all images unless otherwise noted.

Sources of Names Listed

The listing that follows is derived from the photographs taken by John B. Rochelle. We have used an alphabetical listing by last name.

Information in brackets [sample] was added by Annabeth R. Spivey unless indicated otherwise.

Views of Sink Valley Cemetery

The views are noted with the approximate location in the cemetery.

Some listings offer more than one picture. Most are marked with "alt view" as the link to the additional pictures.

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