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This volume will be of great interest to members and friends of the First Baptist Church, Mountain City, TN.

Many long hours of research have gone into the collecting of names of the members of our church.

Since that small group of charter members braved the hardships of the wilderness to establish a gospel witness in a dark and uncertain frontier land, more than a thousand people have been received into the fellowship of the First Baptist Church.

A special word of appreciation goes to Carol (Mrs. Theodore) Shores for her untiring labors in the research and printing of this volume. Her work will be invaluable to future historians, genealogists and chroniclers as they seek to learn more of the past.

E.E. Carrier, Pastor
First Baptist Church
April, 1979

History of the First Baptist Church of

Mountain City, Tennessee

Dr. E.E. Carrier, Pastor


Historical Sketch

          The First Baptist Church of Mountain City is the oldest congregation in Johnson County, Tennessee.

The church was founded on April 20, 1794, at the foot of Rainbow Mountain, the left fork of Roan Creek, as the Roan Creek Church of Christ. The mother congregation was the Three Forks Baptist Church, Watauga County, North Carolina.

         The congregation has met in two different locations and three houses of worship. The first house of worship was a log building at the foot of Rainbow Mountain. In 1843 the congregation moved into the new town of Taylorsville and built a house of worship, which is the site of the present location. The small brick building was the meeting house of the congregation until 1851, when the building was razed and the present building was built.

The first elected officers of the church in 1794 were Benjamin Brown, moderator; William Jackson, clerk; George Brown, elder; and James Tompkins, pastor.

         The First Baptist Church was one of the original twelve churches that organized the Watauga Baptist Association in 1868. As a cooperating congregation of the Watauga Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention, the membership supports programs of evangelism, education and medical missions to reach the multitudes at home and abroad with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As long as the Lord tarries in His coming, our prayer is that our church shall always preach the fundamental truths of the Holy Bible, be evangelistic in its outreach and remain a house of prayer for all the people. The greatest legacy that we can leave to our children and our children's children is a strong New Testament Church proclaiming the message of life, light and liberty.

Charter Members of Roan Creek Church of Christ in 1794

Adkins, Polly                             Crosswhite, T.J.                         McQueen, Barbary                  Shown, Susanna

Allen, Isaiah L.                          Crosswhite, William Jr.              Milling, Elizabeth                      Stalcup, Polly

Arnold, Hanah                           Crosswhite, William Sr.             Mitchel, Barbary                       Stout, D.M.

Arnold, M.L.                              Dodrose, Joanna                       Mitchel, William M.                   Stout, David M.

Black, John                               Fare, Eli                                     Moore, Catherine                     Stout, Elizabeth B.

Blevins, William D.                    Farmer, Jessee                          Moore, John                            Stout, Esther

Bradfute, Louisa                       Farmer, Nancy (2)                      Moore, Rufus, Clerk                Stout, John H.

Brown, George                         Gentry, Rhodicy                         Morley, Nancy                         Stout, Marelda

Brown, Sarah                            Hawkins, E.                                Morris, Sarah                          Stout, Martha

Campbell, Dosha                      Hawkins, R.W.                           Morton, D.F.                            Stout, Ruth

Campbell, John                         Heath, Levi                                Osbourn, Lydia                        Stout, Sarah Jr.

Campbell, N.R.                          Heath, Nancy                            Osbourn, Urania                      Stout, Sarah Sr.

Casly, T.D.                                 Heaton, John G.                       Rilly, John B.                            Stout, Sary

Cook, Lane Y.                            Hinshaw, Jessee                      Roberts, Jacob                         Wagnar, Mary

Cress, Uri                                   Hinshaw, Polly                         Roberts, Lurany                        Wagner, Mathias M.

Crosswhite, Abraham                Johnrose, Louisa                      Roberts, Theodora                   Wagner, Noah J.

Crosswhite, Delila                      Johnson, Barbary                     Roberts, William                       Widby, Elizabeth

Crosswhite, Elizabeth                Johnson, Mary                          Robinson, Catherine                Widdby, William

Crosswhite, George                   Johnson, Polly                          Robinson, Daniel                      Williams, Elizabeth (2)

Crosswhite, Jessa                      Low, Abraham                          Robinson, Susan                     Wilson, Elizabeth

Crosswhite, Nancy (2)                Low, Polly                                 Ross, James                           Wilson, Rachel

Crosswhite, Rose                       Low, Uni                                   Shoun, Joe         

Crosswhite, Ruben                     Maddron, Ann                          Shoun, John S.l

Crosswhite, Sarah                      Masgrave, Elizabeth                Shown, Barbary (2)        

Crosswhite, Susanna                 McQueen, Abigail                     Shown, Leonard              

Many thanks go to Thomas W. Gentry for sending this booklet to me. It contains names as early as 1794 who were charter members of the Roan Creek Church of Christ and those added later. This is invaluable since Tennessee did not become a state until two years later in 1796. The only basic change I've made to the lists of members is alphabetizing them.

I didn't find my Samuel or Hannah McQueen in the list, but I hope you find your ancestors.

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