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List of all known Johnson County Cemeteries
from "Upon A Lonely Hill, The Cemeteries of Johnson County, Tennessee"
by Jeffrey L. Carrier - plus others


Addresses of Cemeteries
357 locations provided by Larry Proffitt Updated May 10, 2010

Watauga Lake Cemeteries

Acre Field Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Arnold Cemetery - Antioch Road

Arnold Cemetery - Third District

Arnold, Fred S. Grave

Arnold, Johnny William Grave

Ashley Cemetery - Forge Creek

Baker's Gap, Old Cemetery - Dry Run

Baker's Gap Cemetery - Dry Run

Brookshire Cemetery - Campbell Creek

Buchanan Cemetery - Doe

Butler Memorial - Butler

Brown Cemetery - Forge Creek

Cable, Casper Cemetery - Dry Hill

Cable, John Cemetery - Dry Hill

Cable, William Cemetery - Baker's Gap

Clark Cemetery - Butler

Cornett Cemetery

Cowan Cemetery - Dry Hill

Cress Cemetery

Crosswhite Cemetery - Shady Valley

Curd, Alvin Cemetery aka Eastridge-Curd Cemetery - Forge Creek

Donnelly Cemetery - Shouns UMC

Donnelly, Richard Cemetery - N. Church St.

Doran, Alexander

Dotson-Bumgardner Cemetery

Dowell Cemetery

Dowell, Will Cemetery

Dugger Cemetery

Dugger, Julius Cemetery - Dry Hill

Dunn Cemetery - Antioch Road

Dunn, Cecil Cemetery

Dunn Memorial Park Cemetery

Eastridge Cemetery

Eggers-Grayson Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Eldreth Cemetery - Willen's Gap Road

Farthing Cemetery - US 321

Fletcher Cemetery - Little Dry Run

Fletcher Cemetery - Butler

Foister Cemetery - Wallace Settlement

Forrester Cemetery

Forrester Cemetery (a.k.a. Lewis-Forrester Cemetery)

Freeman Family Graves

Fritts Cemetery - Rock Springs

Gentry Cemetery - Hwy 91 Laurel Bloomery

Gentry Cemetery - Shady Valley

Greene Community Cemetery (a.k.a. Tester Cemetery)

Benjamin & Elizabeth Reece Greer

Greer Cemetery (a.k.a. Main Cemetery)

Grindstaff, Old Cemetery - Rock Springs

Hall Cemetery

Hammons Cemetery

Hammons, William M. Cemetery - off Forge Creek Road

Hampton Cemetery - off Pine Mountain Road

Harden Cemetery - Sutherland

Harmon Cemetery - off Sink Valley Road

Hawkins Cemetery - Airport

Heck Grave - Neva

Johnson Cemetery - Hwy 91

Johnson, Lillie Cemetery - Forge Creek

Johnson, Marion Cemetery - Walnut Grove

Lefler Cemetery

Lewis Cemetery (a.k.a Smith Cemetery)

Lipford Cemetery (a.k.a Estel Lipford Cemetery)

Maine-Miller Cemetery - Trade

Malone Cemetery - Forge Creek

Mast, James Cemetery

Mast, Wiley Cemetery - Forge Creek

May Cemetery

McCarty Cemetery

McEwen Cemetery - Forge Creek

McQueen Cemetery - Cold Springs Rd

McQueen, Samuel Cemetery

Michaels Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Morefield Cemetery - Crackers Neck

Morley Cemetery - Butler

Mountain View Cemetery

Nave-Greer Cemetery - Doe

Norris Cemetery

Osborne Cemetery

Payne Cemetery - Forge Creek

Payne Cemetery (a.k.a. Farmer Cemetery) - Forge Creek

Payne Cemetery - Hwy 321

Phillippi Cemetery - Liberty Church Road

Phillips Cemetery - Antioch Road

Phillips Cemetery - Grindstaff Road

Pleasant Grove Cemetery - Maymead

Powell, W L - Sugar Grove Church Road

Potter, Letitia - Forge Creek

Potter, Old Cemetery

Potter, Reuben Cemetery - Wallace Settlement

Price, Alfred Cemetery

Price Cemetery - Forge Creek

Proffitt Cemetery - Doe Valley

Proffitt Cemetery - Doe Creek

Reece Memorial Cemetery - Liberty Church Road

Proffitt Cemetery - Butler

Roark Cemetery - Forge Creek

Robinson Cemetery - Doe Valley

Rock Springs Cemetery - Butler

Roberts Cemetery - Doe Valley

Slimp Cemetery - Neva

Speer-Robinson Cemetery

Stalcup Cemetery

Stanbery Cemetery - Hwy 321

Stanbery (Stansbury) Cemetery - Hwy 321

Stanley Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Stateline Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Stout Cemetery - Stout Road

Stout-Matherly Cemetery - Butler

Stuart Cemetery - Roan Creek Gorge

Sturgill, W. Robert Grave

Sugar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

Taylor, Eli Cemetery - Forge Creek

Trivette Cemetery - Forge Creek

Trivette Family Cemetery - Dry Hill

Vaught Cemetery - Crackers Neck

Wagner, Amanda Cemetery - Shouns

Wagner Cemetery - Shouns

Wagner Cemetery - Lakeview Road

Walker Cemetery - Neva Community

Walsh Cemetery - Doe Valley

Wesley Chapel Cemetery - Shingletown

Wills Cemetery

Wilson Cemetery - Dewey Community

Winters Cemetery - Laurel Bloomery

Wolfe Cemetery - Dry Hill

Wood Cemetery - Forge Creek

Woodard Cemetery - Forge Creek


Carter County, Tennessee

Caldwell Springs Cemetery - Stoney Creek

Estep Cemetery - Sadie (Stoney Creek)

Goodwin - Hampton

Johnson, D O - Hampton

Keenburg Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery - Elizabethton

Morely Cemetery - Butler

Pearce Cemetery - Siam Community

Pearce Cemetery or Hyder Cemetery - Hampton

Pierce Cemetery #2 - Butler

Pierce Cemetery #3 - Butler

Union Baptist Church Cemetery - Hampton


Greene County, Tennessee

Rheatown Cemetery


Humphreys County, Tennessee

Humphreys County, TN Cemeteries recorded and compiled by John Landon Hathcher and his wife Frances Oregon Tate. 
Some Cable/Tester/Dugger/Holloway families moved to Humphreys County when they departed Johnson County. The gravestones for these families are mostly in the Oak Grove Cemetery.


Morgan County, Tennessee

Johnson County Folks Buried in Morgan County

Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - Deer Lodge

Hall Cemetery - Deer Lodge

Mount Hope Cemetery - Deer Lodge


Sullivan County, Tennessee

Potter Cemetery - Harr Community


Washington County, Tennessee

Glenwood Union Church Cemetery - Jonesborough

Highland Church of Christ Cemetery - Jonesborough

Maple Lawn Cemetery - Jonesborough



Grayson County, Virginia

Long-Phipps Cemetery - Longs Gap

Youngs Chapel Baptist Cemetery - Mouth of Wilson

Grayson County, Virginia Cemeteries on New River Notes


Washington County, Virginia

John D. Dunn Cemetery - Taylors Valley

Green Cove Baptist Church Cemetery

Montgomery Cemetery - Denton's Valley Road

Rhudy's Chapel Cemetery - Denton's Valley Road

Mountain View United Methodist Church Cemetery - Green Springs Community

Widenner Valley Cemetery - Widener Valley

Additional Washington County cemeteries by Valerie Boman and Debra Branigan

Andis Cemetery

Crabtree Cemetery

Fickle Cemetery

Fleenor Cemetery #8

Fleenor Cemetery #23

Gasper Fleenor Cemetery

Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery

Ingle Cemetery

Linder Cemetery

Walnut Springs Cemetery


North Carolina

Alexander County, North Carolina

Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery

Oxford Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery

Ashe County, North Carolina

Lewis-Sturgill Cemetery

Roark-Price Family Cemetery 
aka Rock Creek Methodist Church Cemetery

John Roten Cemetery

West Cemetery

Caldwell County, North Carolina

Blue Ridge Memorial Park Cemetery - Lenoir

Fairfield Cemetery - Lenoir

Hollow Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - Kings Creek

Sunset Hills Cemetery - Granite Falls

Tabernacle Advent Christian Church Cemetery - Lenoir

Watauga County, North Carolina

Laurel Springs Cemetery

Maine Cemetery

Wilson,Lemuel Cemetery

Other Places

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, NY - Kishinev section

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"A cemetery is where dead people live."

Quote by 3 year old, David R. Bowlby, after his first visit to a cemetery with his genealogy crazed Grandma

(Mary Floy Katzman)














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