Pull up a chair and enjoy some good ol' mountain music

performed by Johnson County musicians!

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Amazing Grace - Clint Howard & Fred Price
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Fire on the Mountain - Fiddlin' Fred Price
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Tom Dooley - G.B. Grayson
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Joys of Quebec - Frank Grayson
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Old Abe - Frank N. Proffitt
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Johnson County was a Union County during the

Civil War. Frank Proffitt's grandfather,

John W. Proffitt  who served in the

13th Tennessee Cavalry-USA

put these lyrics to the tune of

"Battle Hymn of the Republic

Fire on the Mountain - Fiddlin' Fred Price
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Up Jumped the Devil - Frank Grayson
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Crawdad Hole - Clint Howard & Fiddlin' Fred Price
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Lee Highway Blues - G. B. Grayson
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Goin' Down the Lee Highway - G.B. Grayson
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G.B. Grayson composed this as Whitter's Model T chugged down U.S. Route 11 in NE Tennessee (known as Lee Highway)

on the way to a Memphis recording session.

Recorded September 30, 1929.

This recording is available on a

newly released CD -

The Recordings of Grayson & Whitter

The late Joe Wilson, one of our Johnson County cousins,

 who served as the Executive Director of the National Council for the Traditional Arts, 

compiled the CD from which these snippets of music are taken.  

Please click here to find out how you can buy a copy of the CD featuring 15 songs recorded by

G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter as well as the CD by Frank Grayson. 

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