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Adoption and Bastardy Bonds

Note:  "Bastardy Bonds" are bonds posted because of the birth or impending birth of child born out of wedlock. These bonds were intended to protect the county or parish from the expense of raising the child. When the pregnancy of a woman or birth of a child

was brought to the attention of the court, a warrant was issued and the woman brought into Court. She was examined under

oath and asked to declare the name of the child's father. The 'reputed' father was then served a warrant and required to post bond.

If the woman refused to name, the father, she, her father or some other interested party would post the bond.

In some cases, the mother and reputed father together posted the bond.

If the woman refused to post bond or declare the father, she was often sent to jail.

  1. Caswell Madron/Reece Adoption and Name Change

  2. State of Tenn & Rebecca Arnold vs. Isaac E. Wilson - July 1856

  3. State of Tenn & Eliza J. Crosswhite vs. I.E. Wilson - August 1856

  4. State of Tenn & Louisa Dugger vs. James J. George - April 1856

  5. State of Tenn & Nancy S. Price vs. David H. Vaught - Jan. 1869

  6. State of Tenn & Janette L. Dowell vs. Thomas Potter - Dec. 1869

  7. State of Tenn & Margarget Waugh vs. Isaac McQueen - Feb. 1870

  8. State of Tenn & Sarah F. Blevins vs. John Crosswhite - Feb. 1870

  9. State of Tenn & Nancy Robinson vs. James G. Wilson - April 1870

  10. State of Tenn & Voland Camby (Crunely?) vs. John Bailey - May 1870

  11. State of Tenn & Charlotte Dugger vs. John Reece - May 1870

  12. State of Tenn & Sarah Fritts vs. George S. Wilson - June 1870

  13. State of Tenn & Mary C. Stout vs. Joseph N. Shoun - Oct. 1870

  14. State of Tenn & Mary L. Gentry vs. H.S.C. Bradfute - Nov. 1870

  15. State of Tenn & Elizabeth Walker vs. Thomas Dyson - Mar. 1871

  16. State of Tenn & Martha E. Head vs. Patrick Bloom - Mar. 1871

  17. State of Tenn & Mary L. Stout vs. William E. Lowe - Aug. 1871

  18. State of Tenn & Malleissa J. Morefield vs. John Baily - Aug 1871

  19. State of Tenn & Nancy E. Brown vs. Joel T. Simcox - Sep. 1871

  20. State of Tenn & Chany Trivett vs. Solomon Younce - Mar. 1872

  21. State of Tenn & Lydia Mitchell vs. Thomas Dyson - Aprl 1872

  22. State of Tenn & F.C. Crosswhite vs. John L. Lowe - May 1872

  23. State of Tenn & Patey Vaught vs. Lace Wagner - May 1872

  24. Petition to Adopt - Robert E. Speer by Isaac A. Shoun - October 1872

  25. Petition to Adopt - Frances J. Gibson by Daniel Batten - Nov. 1872

  26. State of Tenn & Susan Gragg vs. George W. Wagner - Dec. 1872

  27. State of Tenn & Mary E. Wilson vs. John C. Nave - Jan. 1873

  28. State of Tenn & Angeline Davis vs. Henderson Roberts - Sept. 1873


Index to Johnson County, Tennessee Guardian Records

Index to Johnson County, Tennessee Probate Records

Minutes of the Johnson County, Tennessee Claims Commission 1868

Record of Certificates to Deeds, Bills of Sale and Other Instruments of Writing Johnson County, Tennessee, 1836

Miscellaneous Items from County Court

Miscellaneous Records from the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC

The following are transcriptions of records and documents I found at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh. The Archives has many, many original documents not found anywhere else and many have not been microfilmed. Courthouses all over North Carolina send the old records to Raleigh for safekeeping and a special facility has been built to keep these records as safe as possible under climate controlled conditions and kept in acid free folders and boxes. The documents are available to research and copy. Many of these records have not been microfilmed.

I highly recommend either going to the Archives in person or writing to find out if there are records for those you're researching.

North Carolina Office of Archives and History

Ashe County, North Carolina

Bastardy Bonds


  • E.C. Greer vs Lula Greer, md. Nov. 1888, div. Sept 4, 1894. Adultry.

  • Bertie Greer vs Arthur Greer (perhaps went to Oregon), md. Feb. 1892 div. Fall term 1899-1900. Adultery. 1 child.

  • Thomas Greer vs. Lillie Greer, md. Sep. 1899, div. Oct 1904. Adultery

  • James Greer vs. Mollie Greer, md. 17 Dec. 1902, filed 4 March 1905. Adultery

  • W.F. Greer vs. Alice Greer (living in KY), md. 27 Nov. 1897, filed 9 Sept. 1905. Adultery

  • Julia Greer vs James Greer (living in W.VA), md. July 1896 div. 6 Jan 1908. Impotency

Loose Estate Papers


Watauga County, North Carolina


  • Annie Greer vs. J. Steele Greer, md. 24 Mar 1910, divorced 1 July 1924, (possibily went to Memphis, TN). 4 children.

  • Daniel Greer vs Minnie Greer (went to Montana), md. 6 Nov. 1911, div. Feb. 1920

  • Laura Greer vs. F.M. Greer, md. 24 Oct 1896, action taken 6 Oct. 1913. 2 children, 16 yrs and 12 yrs. Names not given.


Court Records

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