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District 9 (Trade, TN) Census of 1850

(previous annotations by John Rochelle)
annotations by G. Reece

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1 Pearce, Joseph 30 and Eva 27
Joseph was the son of James Pearce and Elander/Elander
(Eady Dotson 10-28-1840 Ashe Co., NC) D/O Reuben Dotson and Sarah Green

2 Olliver, William 25 and Elizabeth 25

3 Jackson, Archibald 50 and Mary 40
(Mary May) Mary was sister of Jefferson May, and D/O of Jacob and Elizabeth May  

4 Pearce, James 49 and Elender 55
they appear to have left 9th district before 1860

5 Dotson, Allen 35 and Delilia 25
(Delilah Pierce (sometimes Pearce), and her parents lived next house. (Joe Wilson) )
Allen was S/O Reuben Sr and Sarah Dotson
Delilah D/O James and Elender Pearce

6 Greer, Benjamin 38 and Elizabeth 42
Benjamin was the son of James and Molly/Polly Hampton, born in Ashe Co NC
(Elizabeth Reece) was daughter of Valentine Reece Jr and Joanna Eggers,
granddaughter of Landrine and Joanna Silvers
Joanna (born Greene in NC, first husband Hugh Silvers may have died prior to 1781)

7 Guy, Levi 44 and Lydia 33
Levi was son of Enoch Guy of NC
Lydia Guy (May) is believed to be a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth May (41) of Trade

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8 Dotson, William 49 and Elizabeth 33
William S/O Reuben and Sarah Dotson
Kentucky Dotsons record that he was born before Sarah Green married Reuben and was the son of William “Billy” Arnold and that he took the surname of his adoptive father.
Elizabeth was his second wife (first wife Rhoda Stout died between 1827 and 1845)
Elizabeth is believed to be daughter (or possibly niece) of John/Johan Bumgardner and Barbara Houck (moved to area from Wilkes Co NC)
By 1860 they had left the area and moved to the Paw Paw Creek area of Kentucky.

9 Jones, Hiram 26 and Sarah 23
S/O Thomas and Frances/Fanny Greer (D/O Jesse Greer Sr and Polly Morris of Ashe Co NC)
(Sarah Musgrave, daughter of Enoch B Musgrave and Mary) She may have been a Greer or Osborne, differing family stories   (Family later moved to Watauga Co., NC)


10 Dotson, George 24 and Catherine 25  
Last son of Reuben Dotson, AKA George Wheeler Dotson
Catherine/Katherine Bumgardner D/O John and Barbara Houk that moved to Watauga County in late 1820s, they moved from Wilkes to Ashe Co before 1800 Ashe Census, then into Trade

11 Stuart, John 39 and Nancy 47
He may have been a brother of Britton Stewart of the 3rd District, different spellings were used of the name

12 Davis, Wilson 23

13 Williams, William L. 64 and Elizabeth 43
Elizabeth “Dicy D/O Reuben (Sr) and Sarah Dotson and was probably his second wife

14 Greer, William 26 and Polly 26
son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Morris
Polly was the daughter of William L Williams

15 Olliver, Joseph 49 and Winna 51

16 Isaacs, Elias 24 and Eliza 19
Elias Isaacs, born in Cove Creek, Watauga Co, son of Richard (II) and Lily Swift Isaacs
(Eliza Reece 2-27-1848 Ashe Co., NC) D/O of Hugh Reece, the son of Jacob and Hannah Silvers Reece(18)

17 Bower, David E. 36 and Rebecca 28
David was S/O of Absolom Bower of Ashe Co, was a merchant and the store was located across from the present Trade Post Office, left Trade during the Civil War and did not return. #
Rebecca Horton, related to the of Councils of Boone, (both are buried near Lenoir NC)


Slave Data 

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18 Reese, Hugh 40 and Mary 39
Hugh S/O of Jacob Reece and Hannah Silvers,
GS/O Valentine “Felty” Reece and Christina Harmon, 

19 Bowman, Robert 40 and Darkus 39
one source has both being born in VA

20 Bumgardner, John 65 and Mary 60
Mary Houk, moved to area from Wilkes Co,

21 Greer, Jesse 43 and Frances 40
(Frances Brown (Joe Wilson))
Jesse Greer Jr, S/O Jesse and Mary Ann Morris

22 Rominger, Nathaniel 26 and Emmaline 22
(Emaline Greer m. Bef. 1845)
Emmaline was D/O Jesse Greer Jr and Frances Brown

23 Jones, Thomas 58 and Frances 49
Frances was the D/O Jesse Greer Sr and Mary Morris
A Jones had a water powered Grist Mill in Trade at one time, unclear if this is him. *

24 Campbell, John R. G. 53 and Anna 30

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25 Reese, Hugh 33 and Matilda 30
S/O John and Sarah Eggers Reece that lived on Bulldog
Matilda was D/O John and Jane Madron

26 Madron, Jane 60
Widow of John Madron, family sources have her maiden name as Coinstner

27 King, Elijah 34 and Cinthia W. 29

28 Greer, Alexander 36 and Lydia 36
S/O James and Mary Hampton
D/O Abraham Potter and Lydia (Curd?) of Ashe County

29 Warren, Hugh 53

30 Grason, Rebecca 48
widow of William Billy Grayson, she was D/O John Reese () (GD of Valentine and Christina Harmon) and Sarah Eggers (Landrine and Joannah Silvers)

31 May, Jefferson 21 and Mary 24
Jeff was S/O Jacob (NC) and Elizabeth May
(Mary "Polly" Arrendell) D/O Richard Arrendell and Elizabeth Reece (daughter of Jacob and Hannah Reece)

32 Wallace, Drury 65 and Elizabeth 36
Drury/Drewry census age varies in every census, head stone has DOB 1799
Elizabeth D/O of Peter Snider/Snyder Jr. and Elizabeth Grager

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33 Snider, George W. 37 and Sarah 29
George was S/O Peter Snider Jr and Elizabeth Grager

34 Eggers, Brazilla 24 and Sarah 24
Brazilla was son of Landrine Eggers (Jr) and Eleanor McBride
(Sarah Isaacs 7-29-1846 Ashe Co., NC)

35 Reese, John 40 and Lucinda A 39
John AKA as Jack Reece, S/O John (1770-1840) and Sarah Eggers (D/O Landrine Eggers)
Lucinda Madron, D/O John Madron and Jane Coinstner (?)

36 Madron, Caswill C. 21 and Joanna 21 (Joanna Reece 9-11-1848 Ashe Co., NC )
Joanna D/O  of John and Lucinda Madron Reece, (John would later adopt Caswell and would be known as Caswell Reece)

37 Madron, George W. 25 and Elva 20
Elva Arendell m. 7-31-1846 Ashe Co., NC
S/O John Madron and Jane Coinstner
D/O Richard Arrendell/Arnold and Elizabeth Reece

38 Arrendell, Richard 56 and Elizabeth 54 (Elizabeth Reece)
Richard was S/O John and Mary Arrendell
Elizabeth D/O Jacob Reece and Hannah Silvers Reece

39 Dotson, Reubin 75 and Sarah 68 
(Reubin was born at Trade, the son of George Dotson. (Joe Wilson) )+

40 Dotson, Reubin 26 and Sarah 26
(This Reuben is the grandson of the above Reuben (Joe Wilson) )
 Sarah / Sallie was a Johnson

41 May, Elizabeth 64
widow of Jacob May

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42 May, George W. 24 and Martha J. 22
S/O Jacob and Elizabeth May

43 Lewis, Phillip 22 and Susan 21

44 Bunton, William 50 and Polly 22
Most likely the “William Bunton, who I raised” described in John Arrendell’s will
family source has Polly as a granddaughter of John Arrendell

45 Snider, Adam 45 and Elizabeth 41
S/O Peter Snider Jr and Elizabeth (one source has Kane)

46 Morefield, Vincent 50 and Margaret 50
(Peggy Netherly m. 9-2-1819 Carter Co., TN)

47 Morefield, James 30 and Jane 26
(Jane Morefield m. 1-9-1841 Johnson Co., TN)

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48 Snider, Noah 23 and Sarah 21
S/O Adam Snider and Elizabeth
(Sarah Stout 2-11-48 Johnson Co., TN)

*Three mill sites existed at different times (1) on Jenkins Creek, above the present day Trade PO, (2) the Snider mill area near Wallace Settlement road on Roan Creek, and (3) another reported site was on Roan Creek near Buttermilk Road

+Sometimes referred to as “Old Man Reuben” that lived to age of 104, family records have b’date of 1766

# After the War, Bower petitioned Federal Government over his property had been seized because of abandonment. There was also a small cemetery on the property overlooking where the Trade community center is now located. The stones were removed by the Bower family.

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