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Johnson County, Tennessee Schedule 4 - Production of Agriculture

Starting in 1850 major changes were made to the census information including an Agricultural Schedule. There were 46 columns and I've transcribed the first 13. The rest were just too hard to read, but the headings were:

  1. Wheat, bushels of

  2. Rye, bushels of

  3. Indian Corn, bushels of

  4. Oats, bushels of

  5. Rice, lbs of (apparently none)

  6. Tobacco, lbs of

  7. Ginned Cotton, bales of 400 lbs. each (apparently none)

  8. Wool, lbs of

  9. Peas & Beans, bushels of

  10. Irish Potatoes, bushels of

  11. Sweet Potatoes, bushels of

  12. Barley, bushels of

  13. Buckwheat, bushels of

  14. Value of Orchard Produce in dollars

  15. Wine, gallons of (apparently none)

  16. Value of Produce of Market Gardens

  17. Butter, lbs. of

  18. Cheese, lbs. of

  19. Hay, tons of

  20. Clover Seed, bushels of

  21. Other Grass Seeds, bushels of

  22. Hops, lbs. of (apparently none)

  23. Dew [sic], rotted, tons of

  24. Water [sic] rotted, tons of

  25. Flax, lbs. of

  26. Flax Seeds, bushels of

  27. Silk Cocoons, lbs. of (apparently none)

  28. Maple Sugar, lbs. of

  29. Cane Sugar, hbds [sic] of 1000 lbs.

  30. Molasess, gallons of

  31. Beeswax and Honey,lbs. of

  32. Value of Homemade Manufacturers

  33. Value of Animals slaughtered

Transcribed and submitted by Mary Floy Katzman

The 9th District appears out of order, but the Districts are listed in the order visited.

1st District - Wards Forge (later Laurel Bloomery

2nd District - Taylorsville (later Mountain City) or Shouns Cross Roads

3rd District - Shouns Cross Roads (later Forge Creek

9th District - Trade

4th District - Bakers Gap or Shouns Cross Roads

5th District - Butler

6th District - Cobbs Creek or Pandora

7th District - Pandora or Little Doe

8th District - Shady Valley

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